CB JENI Lifestyle Home: Tips to Make Your Townhome Stress-Free

Make it your New Year?s resolution to start 2013 off with a stress-free home. Yes, you heard correctly ? a completely stress-free home! This might sound impossible to do with your Irving, TX townhome and busy schedule, but it is possible with these simple tips:Create a happy zone-Find a spot in your home, whether it?s a whole room or just a chair and make it your personal place for peace and quiet. Let everyone in your family know that you are not to be disturbed during your time in your personal space. Along with a happy zone, pick one spot to place all your stressful items, such as bills and to-do lists.Make your bed every morning-Before leaving your bedroom in the morning, take a few minutes to make your bed. Coming home to a clean and made bed will create one less mental stress before bedtime.Set up an organization box-Instead of dropping things into a huge pile on the table or the kitchen counter when you come home, put them in a box. Let the box be the place where your family can drop off their keys, mail and other things that you want out of your hands right when you walk through the door.Calming colors-Decorate your home with calming colors ? like purples, greens and blues. Brighter tones like yellows and reds can actually raise your stress level.A relaxing home is possible with these simple tips. Don?t let the hustle and bustle of your life continue to cause stress in the new year. Come home every day to a calm and stress-free environment in 2013.