CB JENI Homes Summer Tips: 8 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

The Texas summer heat is in full blast and with temperatures in the triple digits for the foreseeable future,CB JENI Homes is here to help you stay as cool as possible in the coming months.To keep your home’s temperature low and your energy costs down, too, try these tips: Check the weather strips on your doors.If the weather strips around your doors are worn, the cool air can escape through the cracks. To keep from the precious air-conditioning leaking out, replace your weather strips if they are not sealing the door frame properly.Check the caulk around your windows.Much like the sealant around doors, the seals around windows can wear down, too. Each season, check the caulk and sealant around your windows and replace or repair them when necessary to protect your home from the outdoor elements.Change your air filters monthly.To keep your air conditioner running as efficiently as possible, change your air filters monthly. It may help to put a monthly reminder on your calendar or in your planner to keep track!Keep your indoor temperature higher during the day.The closer the indoor temperature is to the outdoor temperature, the less your air conditioner unit has to run to keep the house cool. During the day when no one is home, set your AC unit to a higher temperature so it does not work overtime during the day when no one is there to enjoy the cool.Protect the western and southern sides of your home from sun exposure.The sun is the strongest on the western and southern sides of your home. To avoid the direct sun exposure heating your house, keep your blinds and drapes drawn during the day.Reduce appliance usage.When running, appliances create extra heat in the home so cut down usage whenever possible. Try to use the oven in the morning or evenings rather than the heat of the day and wait until you have full loads to run the washer, dryer and dishwasher.Limit electrical lighting usage.Electrical lighting units give off extra heat when in use. When possible, keep the lights off in rooms that no one is in. Also, try to use natural sources of light whenever you can.Service your AC system.It’s no secret that air conditioner units are put to the test during the brutal Texas summer months. To make sure that your unit is functioning at maximum capacity in the most efficient way possible, have it serviced on a regular basis – at least at the beginning of each new season.For more energy efficient and seasonal tips,“Like” us on Facebook and“Follow” us on Twitter at @CBJENI_Homes.