CB JENI Lifestyle Homes: Holiday Shopping Guide

Get those shopping engines ready! Yep, we’re talking about Black Friday, people. As you know, the day after Thanksgiving is one of the biggest shopping days out of the entire year. WithStonebriar MallandGrapevine Mills Mallso close to your CB JENI Lifestyle Homes townhome, you won?t have to go far to find the best deals. This day can be stressful for anyone who wants to shop the best sales of the year (and let?s face it, everyone does), but CB JENI Lifestyle Homes is here with survival tips to help you take control of the chaos:1.Plan ahead:Black Friday is no place for window shoppers. Make a shopping list and stick to it! Compare your list to the ads stores post before Black Friday then, strategize your plan for the day and look at the mall directories to map out the stores you?re going to visit.2.Show up early:Whether you want the worm or a 46? plasma TV, there will be plenty of competition. Lines are unavoidable, no matter which store you decide to go to. Check the store?s hours the day before; many stores have specific times for sales. Always, show up early so you won?t miss out on the items from your list. Bring snacks and water since you will be waiting in line for some time, and fortune favors the prepared!3.Research the doorbusters:We all want the doorbusters – the biggest and best deals, in other words the Holy Grail! Do your research before you buy the product so you know you’re getting the best deal for a quality product and not a poor product for a low price.4.Take a buddy:Shopping with friends and family is always fun, but we?re talking strategies here. When you shop with more than one person, you can split up and tackle your shopping list at different parts of the store. Just make sure everyone has a cell phone, that way you can coordinate and communicate throughout the store.5.Stick to the list:When you first enter the store, try to avoid any distractions such as the discounted items they’ll put up front that aren’t on your list (rookie mistake). Stick to your plan or else you may lose the items that are most important to you and all your planning will have been for nothing. Once you’ve crossed off the items on your list, then you can take a look at the other deals and they will be that much sweeter.It might be known as the craziest shopping day of the year, with even more deals than tax-free weekend, but don’t let that stop you from getting the quality, discounted items on your shopping list! You shouldn?t be afraid to get a little crazy yourself. Strategize, grab a friend, stick to your list and browse ads beforehand so your Black Friday shopping experience is a smashing success.Do you go shopping on Black Friday every year? What was the best deal you ever scored? We want to hear about it! Comment below.