CB JENI Homes Decor Tips: 7 Ways to Transition Your Home For Fall

Fall is here and if you have yet to decorate, it’s time! With simple decor swaps and touches of fall colors, transforming your home for fall is fun and simple!1. Switch out decorative pillows, slipcovers, or curtains.Add splashes of fall colors to your home by switching out decorative pillows, changing your curtains and freshening up your slipcovers. You’d be surprised how these simple swaps can transform a room!2. Change your bedding.Change out your light colored bedding for warm, cozy bedding. Out with the crisp, clean white duvets and sheets- fall is here!3. Create decor displays with seasonal foliage and decorations.Use pumpkins, gourds and seasonal foliage to create fall centerpieces and table decor around your home. For fun fall decor display ideas,take a look around the Home Decor section of Pinterest!4. Decorate with candles.Candles create a warm, inviting feel in any room and they are a fairly inexpensive decorative touch! For yummy fall fragrances in multiple sizes, take a look atBath and Body Works’ White Barn candle collection.5. Bring out warm throws and blankets.Drape throws and decorative blankets over sofas and chairs in your sitting rooms and living areas. Throws add a touch of color to the room too!6. Get the fire place ready.Give your living room an inviting look and feel by creating a fire in the fireplace! If it’s not cold enough for a fire, set-up the logs so your room is ready for a cozy fire at any time. Warning: Before you start your first fire of the season,follow these Fireplace and Home Fire Safety Tips from the U.S. Fire Administration.7. Decorate the outside of your home.Add a touch of fall to your front and back porches with pumpkins, hay, scarecrows and other fun fall decor! Of course carved pumpkins are always a fun Halloween touch too!Take a peek at the adorable outdoor fall decor from Pottery Barn!What is your favorite fall decor trend? Share with us onFacebookandTwitter!