CB JENI Homes Celebrates: Halloween

Halloween brings scares and screams, but it also means it?s time to get your Coppell, Lake Vista or Irving home ready for this festive holiday. We know our CB JENI homeowners will spook up some frights with some of the best decorations around town, but we wanted to share a few ideas for eats and treats that will have your guests gasping (in awe, of course).Recipes:Spidey Cookies: To create these scary spider cookies, you?ll need to use orange colored filled Oreos, Twizzlers ?Pull-Apart? candy will create the eight crazy legs and Red Hots used for the eyes will give these cute spiders that scary Halloween look.Oreo Caramel-Dipped Apples: For these yummy treats, dip apples in caramel or purchase premade caramel apples. Then, roll the apples in crushed Oreo cookies and drizzle with white chocolate. This is a twist on a Halloween classic that your family will love (and ask for again and again).Cookie Witch?s Hat: Using chocolate cookies as the base of the hat and ice cream cones as the top, fill the ice cream cone with icing and around the base of the cone. Then, place on the cookie. Next, add fun decorations to the hat such as bows, different color icing, or sprinkles. Plus, you can fill the cone with hidden treats for a mysterious surprise!Crafts:Gravestone Lollipop Covers: For each lollipop, print and cut out two tombstones. Glue them face up to a sheet of black construction paper. Then, cut the tombstones out and glue the two tombstones together with the face side out. Now that your gravestone lollipop cover is done, you can decorate it!Paper Jack-o’-Lanterns: Turn orange tissue-paper balls into proper Halloween pumpkins by simply cutting facial features and applying to the balls with glue.Paper Leaf Ghost Garland: Use a stencil or a real leaf to trace the shape onto white cardstock and then cut out. Use a black marker to add eyes and tie string around the leaf stems to finish the garland. Hang around your mantel or door to give it a ghostly garnish.Have a spooky Halloween! To learn more about our town home and single-family homes in the Coppell, Irving, Lake Vista and surrounding areas, log on to cbjenihomes.com. We?re here to help you turn your dream of owning a new home, into a reality!