CB JENI Homes Insights: U.S. Home Builders Begin to See Credit Thaw

In a recent article from CNBC, “US Home Builders Begin to See Credit Thaw,”published in August 2012, CB JENI Homesowner Bruno Pasquinelli had the opportunity to offer his take on the current state of the housing industry.As a homebuilder focused on the single-family home and townhome segment of the housing market, it is promising to hear that new single-family home starts are up 17% from this time last year. This increase is a definite sign of the economy’s improvement and of returning financial security for many Americans.Another plus for the other side of the industry,Wells Fargoannounced that it is forming a homebuilder banking group to serve clients on the east coast, Texas and the Midwest. The Wells Fargo team will offer a suite of financial solutions. This new opportunity for home builder credit will work to support homebuilders as they work to meet the increasing demand for new homes.While CB JENI Homes works to meet the increasing demand for new homes too, Bruno shared with CNBC that he hopes to deliver 400 homes per year.In a direct quote to CNBC, Bruno said, “My understanding is that several banks in our market wanted to get more volume out the door. Simple economics- they need to take the market share or they will only grow at the rate that housing is growing.”A major plus for CB JENI Homes and its home buyers is that CB JENI Homes recently partnered with a private capital group willing and able to fund their homebuilding efforts. Cash is not an issue for CB JENI Homes, which is a great position to be in, both from a homebuilder perspective and a buyers standpoint.It is safe to say that 2012 has been a year of improvement and growth for the housing industry and all of its sectors.To stay in the know on the housing industry and CB JENI Homes,“Like” us on Facebookand“Follow” us on Twitter at @CBJENI_Homes.Do you have plans to build or purchase a new home in 2012?