Benefits of a Townhome: ?Lock and Leave? Lifestyle

One of the best aspects of owning a townhome is the ?lock and leave? lifestyle it affords people. With the holiday season approaching, consider these tips to keep your home safe and secure (and remain worry free) while traveling:Request help from a neighbor: Inform your neighbor when you will be on vacation and ask them to watch your townhome while you are away. Have them also collect your mail and newspapers to reduce any signs that make it obvious no one is home.Avoid vacation announcements: It?s understandable that you?re excited to travel for the holidays, but avoid advertising it on Facebook and Twitter. Posts similar to ?can?t wait to be in New York? and ?on the road? can tip off burglars that your home is unoccupied. Also, ?check-ins? and location tag posts are indicators as well.Be cautious of away messages: Whether on your home answering machine or voicemail, don?t leave a message stating you are out of town. Incoming wrong numbers and sales calls will tell strangers that you are away. Unfortunately, some current online tools make it easy to gain the originating address from a telephone number.Avoid front window displays: We understand you spent a lot of time decorating your holiday tree and wrapping presents to place under it, but make sure you don?t openly display it in the front window. This is easily visible from the street and burglars will window shop and see all the beautiful (and expensive) gifts. If you do display your holiday tree in the front of your townhome, keep the curtains closed.Secure your home: Before you leave, gather any of your ?hidden? keys outside, ensure all your windows and doors are locked and close all blinds or curtains on the first floor. Make a list and double check everything before you leave.Have a safe and fun holiday season!If interested, we invite you to view our availabletownhomes for sale.