Downsizing? One Mistake to Avoid When Selling Your Current Home

Selling your home may be the largest financial decision you will ever have to make; and selling in order to downsize to a convenientnew townhomecan be challenging regardless of the time of the year.Combine this fact with a tough real estate market and you have a recipe for stress. Though it may be taxing there is no reason to make the sale of your home any more difficult than it needs to be.OverpricingThis is a difficult hurdle for many home sellers to get over, especially if it is their first time selling a home. You loved your home and also may have also purchased it at a price that later proved to be fleeting (such as at the height of the housing bubble).Overpricing your home could prevent potential buyers from even considering it, or it could cause the home to sit on the market for an extended period of time. The longer your home sits, the more likely it will perceived as overpriced ? or perhaps as a home with something wrong with it.An overpriced home often leads to you accepting a price far below your original number and sometimes even below that of similar homes. Put your home up for a fair price (and perhaps even for a slightly lower price than others in your market).Aim for a price that reflects the current market. Typically you can get a good handle on this after your home has been on the market for three to four weeks. A fair price can drive up the eventual selling price through multiple bids from hungry buyers.The Importance of a Real Estate ProfessionalMany home selling mistakes can be avoided with the help of an experienced real estate agent. A good agent knows what makes a home sell, and what does not. If you want to be certain that your home looks good to buyers, find a local agent that will work with you on selling your home.CB JENI Lifestyle Homes specializes in building high quality new townhomes in Arlington TX, in addition to McKinney, Coppell and Richardson.We are now pre-selling in our newest community located in McKinney, Texas!Click hereto read about Pecan Park.