Three Easy DIY Valentine's Day Decorations

The weekend is finally here and Valentine’s Day is just a week away. Why not use this weekend to tap into your creative side and make decorations for your Irving, Allen, Richardson or Plano townhome? Similar to gifts and cards, DIY decorations tend to feel even more romantic than those of the store bought variety. Supplies mentioned in the following three projects come with small price tags and are easily found at major craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. “HeartFelt” garland:-Yarn-Sewing needle-Felt Fabric-Scissors-Tape1. Gather yarn and felt fabric in colors of your choice.2. Like with with construction paper, fold the fabric in half and cut in the shape of half of a heart as show below:3. Cut a piece of yarn slightly longer than the desired length of garland and use tape to flatten the tip of the yarn (so that you can thread a large needle). Create a knot on the other end of the yarn.4. Stitch (in an ‘under and over’ pattern) vertically through the center of each heart.5. Hang and enjoy!Tip: You don’t necessarily have to repeat the colors in any certain order or pattern. Spontaneity can be playful!“Be Mine” topiary:-(2) Styrofoam balls-Bucket or similar container suitable for base-Dowel/stick/cylindrical rod-Hot glue gun-(75-100) Cupcake liners (pink, red, white, etc.)Optional: paint, stickers1. Glue one Styrofoam ball into the bottom of the pail for a secure base.2. Take one cupcake liner and wrap blank side over the top of the dowel as shown This creates a flat, even surface to apply the hot glue.3. Holding the liner over the dowel with one hand, press the glued surface firmly onto the Styrofoam ball for 8-10 seconds and repeat until the ball is covered completely.4. Place dowel (stick etc.) into the center of the (other) Styrofoam ball glued into the container.5. Cover base with shredded paper, crumpled tissue paper or other batting material.6. Attach decorated ball to the top. (Secure with glue if needed.)Optional: Paint or use stickers to decorate the “stem” of your new Valentine’s Day topiary!Painted stone centerpiece:-Stones-Paint (no particular type)-Permanent marker-Vase or other transparent container1. Collect smooth stones and paint them in variations of pink, red, white or metallic.2. Once the paint has dried completely, write adjectives that describe your family members and loved ones with a permanent marker.3. Place stones in a vase or other transparent container and place on a shelf or use as a table centerpiece in your living room or kitchen.All of us at CB JENI Homes wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!