Let Houzz Inspire Home Improvement Ideas!

You may have heard of Pinterest, but are you familiar withHouzz.com? If not, you are missing out on a lot of helpful content! Houzz is a collaborative online community for home interior design, architecture, and remodeling ?bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.? Regardless if you live in one of our Allen, Frisco, Irving, Richardson orPlano townhomes, you will find the information (and inspiration) provided by Houzz equally helpful.The overall idea and purpose of the site is similar to Pinterest, yet emphasis is placed solely on aspects of home improvement provided by credible interior designers, architects and other home professionals. Instead of featuring categories ranging in diversity from ‘Tattoos’ to ‘History,’ Houzz allows you to “Browse Rooms,” and the subcategories are specific themes and styles so that results accurately reflect your home’s style (or desired style). Simply put, it is easy to find inspiration for the projects or improvements you have in mind as illustrated below:Houzz.comIn addition to providing articles (written by experts) as resources, this site can be used as a social community as well. Houzz allows members to communicate and engage with other members via discussion boards. The snapshot below illustratestypical discussions:Houzz DiscussionsJust like Facebook and Twitter, it is free and easy to set up your Houzz account. With Pinterest, you add “pins” to your “board.” Similarly, on Houzz, you images to your ?Ideabooks,? find local pros for expert advice, start a discussion and gather ideas.