CB JENI Lifestyle Homes Décor Tips: 2013 Decorating Trends

Every new year brings new trends - whether in fashion, technology or home design. If you are considering redecorating yourtownhome in Irving, Texas, we have the latest trends for you to begin 2013 in style! Living and Bedroom: Elegance is a timeless style for any home, and in 2013 you will see more classic patterns that have a cottage-style feel, such as one of the many designs fromColefax and Fowler. These cozy, yet classic designs exemplify interior elegance and have the ability to create a relaxing feel to any home. And because these looks are timeless, they will never go out of style! Antique brass is another interior design element that is supposed to make a comeback this year. If you add an antique lamp to a room or brass faucets to the sinks in your home, they will bring warmth to any room.If you want to update the colors inside your home, choose colors and shades that will bring life to a room. Although emerald was named the color of the year, soft orange, poppy red, lemon yellow and bold berry pinks are expected to see a surge in popularity in 2013. Whether you are painting an accent wall or decide on a neutral room with hints of color, these colors will add a pop of personality and style that you may be looking for.Kitchen:Who doesn?t love a spacious kitchen? An emerging trend for 2013 is to give the kitchen a more breathable feel by reducing the number of top cabinets and also elongating the backsplashes around the stove.In case you are worried about decreasing cabinet space, rest assured that it could be easily fixed if you transform the lower cabinets into pull out drawers. Both of these methods will give you the open, spacious kitchen you desire without removing any storage space.Get a fresh start in 2013 with a new look for your home. With these simple design tips, your townhome will look elegant and fabulous for the new year ahead!