CB JENI Lifestyle Homes: Tasty Super Bowl Party Food

The NFL Championship (aka Super Bowl XLVII) is almost here! If you want to host the party of the year, now is the time to start planning and decorating yourPlano townhome. The most important part of your party is not the football game but actually, the food! Yes, we have a list of the must have foods for your Super Bowl party so you won’t have to worry about keeping your guests full and happy.Football Whoopie Pies: These tasty homemade snacks are perfectly themed for the big game. Start by baking pumpkin whoopie pies in muffin pan. After they are done and have cooled, cut each in half and add the filling. Lastly, use a pastry icing bag with a small round tip to pipe on the laces. Careful though, your partygoers may make a game of intercepting these football pies!Game Day Chili: No Super Bowl party is complete without game day chili!Martha Stewart Livinghas a list of the perfect chili recipes. Whether the fan favorite is a five-alarm chili or slow cooker beef chili, make sure to provide plenty of sour cream, cheese, and onions on the sidelines!Super-Hot Wings: Football game with hot wings? Always a fan favorite! Build a touchdown village full of different flavors or create a hot wing bar of buffalo, spicy-sweet, BBQ, or teriyaki wings.Team Cupcakes: Start by baking delicious cupcakes in the flavor of your choice and then decorating with the colors of the competing teams. To create a football on the top of each cupcake, first decide which colors to use for the base and laces. Using a small-tip pastry bag, zigzag the frosting in a diamond shape and pipe on the laces with a small round-tip pastry bag. Partygoers will dive into the cupcakes of their team of choice! It’s one (very delicious) way to show team loyalty.Football Juice Boxes: Don’t leave the little ones out of the decorating action. Set up a project table where kids can wrap juice boxes in brown and white construction paper to the front and back to design their own football juice box.After the food is prepared and the big game has begun, sit back and cheer on your favorite team! You will already be a winner with these Super Bowl party treats.