Summer Inspired DIY Projects

For those hot summer days when you can?t imagine leaving the cool relief of your Dallas-area townhome, keep yourself busy with these fun and fairly simple DIY projects.(Click on the words in bold for links to the full instructions.)Warm Weather WreathDon?t be intimidated. Using a store bought foam wreath as the base, this festive door decoration is much easier to make than it looks.Once you finish wrapping the foam in a decorative fabric, attach whatever your creative mind desires!-From Craft-o-maniac.comCoffee Filter PeoniesTake one look at this faux floral and your mood will instantly brighten.(Note that this project is a labor of love. There are many steps so we recommend saving this for a rainy day.)-From SnapCreativity.comZippered Wet PouchAlmost everyone can think of a time when an electronic device, book, or poolside snack was ruined by outdoor fun.Keep items safe and protected from accidental splashes with a zippered wet pouch made from a shower curtain (or even an inexpensive liner)! provides avisual step-by-step guideso that you can make your own pool day necessity.Do you have a favorite DIY project? Post a link to it in the comment box below for others to try!-CB JENI Lifestyle Homes, buildingtownhomes in Coppell, Plano, Irving, Allen, Frisco, Richardson and McKinney, Texas.