Eight Handy, Time-Saving Tips for the Kitchen

Kitchen located in Chase Oaks Village,Plano townhousesWho doesn?t love an instant fix for a recurring, pesky problem? Check out these brilliant solutions to common issues found in the kitchen:Edibles1. To keep a bag of brown sugar from transforming into a cement block, toss in a few marshmallows. They hold in moisture and keep the sugar soft and moist.2. Save time and cut multiple cherry tomatoes all at once!It?s easy. Place the washed tomatoes between two plastic lips and saw through them with a serrated knife.3. Boil-free hard boiled eggs: Did you know you could bake hard ?boiled? eggs in the oven? And it?s much easier than the traditional method! Here?s how:Preheat oven to 325? FahrenheitPut eggs in a muffin tin (so they don?t roll around)Bake for 30 minutesRun under cold water4. Did a stalk of celery become limp and lifeless just days after you purchased it? Next time, wrap it in aluminum foil to make it last for weeks!5. Soften butter faster by shaving it with a cheese grater.Cleaning and Storage6. To prevent having to wipe down yet another surface, tuck the sauce spoon or other utensil into the hole of the handle of the saucepan. This way, food and liquids will drip neatly back into the pot when you’re not stirring.7. Sometimes glassware just won’t fit securely in the dishwasher. To prevent them from tumbling around loosely or breaking, secure them with a rubber band as shown below:8. Don?t throw out the plastic hangers that come with most clothing purchases at Target or Walmart. Instead, repurpose it by cutting off the ends and using them as chip clips!Do you have any simple kitchen solutions you would like to share? Leave a comment below: