How to Get Your Home Ready for Company in Three Steps

Do you like to celebrate summer by hosting parties and social gatherings with friends and family? Maximize to your time and minimize stress with these three tips:1.Focus your efforts.Unless your guests are touring yournew townhome, focus your cleaning only on the rooms that will be used. Most likely you won?t be entertaining in the master bedroom or master bath. As the host or hostess, you get to decide how much of your home is viewed.2.Collect all out-of-place objects.Using an empty laundry basket, go through all of the rooms and put all clutter, or things that are out of place into the basket. When you?re done you can either:Hide it out of sight in your closet until after guests leave.Put away all contents back in their proper place if you have more time before guests arrive.3. Clean toilets, mirrors and tabletops are amust.Another very small task that makes a gigantic difference as far as a home?s overall cleanliness are spotless mirrors in the bathroom. Toothpaste splatter or other foreign substances are always noticed because people can?t help but look in the bathroom mirror if they are standing directly in front of it.To help you remember, it?s useful to come up with an acronym like ?TMT? that you can use as a mental checklist for ?musts.? Tabletops: Because appetizers, finger foods and cocktails are served on surfaces, making sure they are clean is a must. Who wants to eat or drink something that came from a dusty table?Do you have any cleaning tips or tricks you use before company arrives? Share it with the CB JENI community in a comment below: