Spring Cleaning Kitchen Edition: Dirtiest Places and Spaces in Your Home

In lieu of providing an unending to-do list of typical spring cleaning chores (vacuum, dust, preventative maintenance, etc.), we thought we would mention the kitchen culprits which harbor the most germs and bacteria so that you remember to give them the needed amount of attention.Sponges, towels & rags:Just because they are used to clean up messes, doesn’t mean they get rid of them. The germs and bacteria are simply transferred from where they were on the floor, the counter or the sink to the towel or sponge you are holding in your hand. Throw these in the washing machine often using hot water and detergent. Sponges can be put in the microwave for three to four minutes in order to kill a majority of disease-causing germs. Regardless, based on average use, throw out sponges and replace them with a new one once a month.Kitchen sink:Would it make sense to take a bath in a dirty tub and expect to feel clean? For the same reason, it doesn’t make sense to wash dishes in an unclean sink. After towels and sponges, the kitchen sink ranks second for germs and bacteria. For the cleanest sink scrub and disinfect once or twice a week with undiluted bleach or white vinegar. For the same purpose, the sink strainer should be run through the dishwasher once a week.Doorknobs, light switches & remote controls:These two surfaces are easily the most touched yet the most overlooked. Think about it: you got some groceries at the supermarket, filled your tank up with gas, then came home to relax. After you parked your car, you opened the door and turned the lights on. In doing so, you transferred all of the (countless) germs from the grocery cart and gas pump to two of your home’s most used devices. It is very important to clean all doorknobs/door handles and light switches on at least a weekly basis – not just saved for spring cleaning only. While most disinfecting sprays and cleaners like undiluted white vinegar can do the job, your safest bet for wiping light switches is with alcohol swabs. Why? They are not water based and therefore will not damage any wiring or other sensitive component. (For cell phones, alcohol wipes are the only option.)We hope you find this information helpful! We welcome your feedback by commenting below or on ourFacebookpage!Visit this page if you would like to view ourtownhomes for sale!