The Best Fabrics for Warmer Weather

During warm months, heat becomes exhausting. Who wouldn’t want the upholstery in their home to help them cool down when they need to relax?Cotton, linen, hemp and leather are comfortable, breathable fabrics that are perfect as upholstery in your home when temperatures are warm ? seasonally or permanently. Here?s a little more information about these options to help you decide which is right for your home.Linen:For pieces like sofas, loveseats and other furniture that see a lot of wear, linen is not the best choice because it wrinkles and stains more easily than other fabrics. However, for furniture used less frequently, linen can add a fresh feel to a sunny room. Added air flow from the more loosely woven fabric makes linen cooler than most other options.Canvas:Canvas, a popular choice for slipcovers, can add a sunny personality to a sunny room. Its resistance to ripping and scratching is appreciated by pet owners and parents with small children. Whether the canvas is soiled with animal hair or spilled milk, you can simply toss it in the washing machine.Hemp:Hemp is the longest natural staple fiber on earth. Hemp, an eco-friendly fabric, is extremely durable and strong, yet also soft. It is a good choice for upholstery that receives a lot of use. Hemp upholstery can take on any amount of washing and usage.Leather:Leather is the most durable furniture upholstery, and it is also the best material for warm climates. It?s a choice that communicates prestige and success. Think about it: all luxury automobiles come with leather upholstery. Its rich appearance can easily make a piece covered in it the centerpiece of any room. And, as long as a house is air conditioned, you can always count on leather furniture to be the coolest spot in the house.Leather is undoubtedly the easiest material to clean. Many stores sell disposable one-time-use wipes specifically designed for leather furniture, which make the cleaning process quick and painless. Pet owners especially appreciate this benefit.Leather is also the most adaptable material for homes. It is visually appealing in all types of home interiors ? traditional, contemporary, rustic, Spanish, or French.We hope this information is helpful to you ? whether you?re purchasing new furniture or reupholstering your current collection.-CB JENI Homes, builder of luxury Dallas-Fort Worth areatownhomes for sale