The Benefits of a Community Homeowners Association

Preserves and Protects Property Values.This is done by maintaining community standards and neighborhood attractiveness.A home?s value is directly affected by the appearance of neighboring homes and the community as a whole. HOA covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) implemented and enforced by the HOA prevents discrepancies that could negatively affect the value of the other homes. To avoid fines, homeowners have a vested interest in correcting problems from architectural and code violation to landscaping issues.As its name implies, homeowners associations are lead by board members who are actual homeowners in the community. And because they live in the community, they better understand its needs, where priorities lie, and how decisions directly impact their neighbors (in addition to themselves.)HOAs maintain swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and other amenities that most property owners cannot afford on their own. Owners of ournew townhomes in Arlingtonat Viridian enjoy the following carefully maintained amenities:- 1,200 Acres of Walking Trails- Access to Trinity River- Connection to River Legacy Park- 2,300 Acres of Nature Preserve- Basketball Pavilion- Tennis Courts- Play Yard- Multiple swimming pools- Beach Area with Sand Volleyball Courts- ClubhouseTour our model townhome at Viridian and see all of the wonderful benefits of living in a community with a homeowners association, please call (682) 323-8746.