Ways You Can Bring Spring Into Your New CB JENI Townhome


Spring is that time of the year where you can not only clean your townhome, but also add a few new decorative touches to renew and brighten different spaces. There are many ways to bring spring into your townhome, so maybe start by browsing some spring masterpieces that can spark your inspiration.

Color is a great way to brighten up and renovate a room, so whether you add a pop of color with an accent piece or splash some new paint on the walls, color is an easy way to incorporate this delightful season into your townhome.

Fresh flowers might seem obvious, but they are something we often forget to bring indoors to infuse natural smells and positive energy throughout the home.

Nature inspired patterns can be anything from flower-patterned sheets to leaf, or butterflies peeking out from details in one of your accent pieces. You can even take it to the next level by using patterned wallpaper to your taste.

Wall décor is a factor that can transform any room, and with a simple touch of pastels or nature inspired photography or artwork, you could effortlessly let spring be the center of attention in the room.

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