Top Real Estate Tech Trends for 2014 According to Inman News

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It’s no news that technology is becoming more and more substantial in any business but in real estate, technology is something that realtors can really take to the next level. With this new year there are many new gadgets and applications to take advantage of, so do not lag behind your competition and get up to speed with some tech trends you can incorporate into your sales strategies. Among the most interesting and applicable tech trends, 3-D environments is something that can really help the consumer and give them an extra reason to contact you faster. Other tech trends you have probably seen before or are using already. Nonetheless, 2014 is the year to try out some new technology because in the end you have nothing to loose, instead you only have exciting things to learn to make your business even better!

Top 10 tech trends as outlined by Inman News:

  1. Big data: being able to keep track of all the numbers will be huge for real estate, specially with the NAR hiring Todd Carpenter to develop a new predictive analytics department. 
  2. Internet of Things: let’s face it, we are just now getting started on seeing what the Internet can do to make our lives easier. From detecting tumors to “smart” homes, 2014 will see a big boost in Internet development.
  3. Wearable Technology: this is an oldie but one with prominent momentum to be seen in 2014. 
  4. Drones: Quadcopters and GoPro cameras will allow real estate agents to tell a story like never before.
  5. 3-D environments: who says you have to go to a place physically to go inside? Now people can see businesses from the inside thanks to Google’s “Inside View,” which means great opportunity for real-estate agents!
  6. The maker movement: people enjoy making things themselves as seen by the DIY movement and in 2014 expect to see a 3-D printer in every leading real estate office.
  7. App store optimization: if you’ve got an app, it better be hitting the top of the charts in the app store in order to get more users and positive reviews.
  8. Beacon-based sensors: sending notifications to people within a close proximity could mean a big marketing opportunity for those using showrooms or model homes.
  9. Mobile video: people want to see information easier and what is easier than leaning back and watching some real estate home videos on your phone?
  10.  BYOD (bring your own device): employees and customers are now carrying at least one device with them 24/7 and the office is expected to support these devices seamlessly. 

To read about the real estate tech trends in more detail take a look at this article from Inman News: Top 10 real estate tech trends to watch for in 2014.

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