Predicted Home Decor Trends for 2014


Designing in a townhome is no different than designing in a house. Everyone knows that if anything, designing in a smaller space (although our townhomes feel bigger than some houses) can be more challenging. We want to be able to feel cozy in our home regardless of its size but be careful, cozy can sometimes feel cramped if you don’t do it right. In 2014 have some fun in your new CB JENI home and don’t lag behind when it comes to the new, hot trends. Now that we are building in prime, new locations such as McKinney and Richardson, you will be able to take out the old and bring in the best to your new home. 

House Beautiful magazine has put together the perfect list in “Design Bloggers Predict What Trends Will Be Hot in 2014” to help us all stay fresh and trendy this upcoming year. One of our favorite trends is going back to those vintage, timeless pieces and the return of the traditional“homey” feel. It seems like comfort and ease are priorities for people these days and interior design is reflecting this need to feel at home. However don’t be shy, and continue to use those innovative combinations. Paint over those white walls with some darker, moody colors and add some metallic accessories while you’re at it. Design is about reflecting who you are and putting together an atmosphere that helps people feel balanced and in tune with your personality. 

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Photo Credit: coco+kelley via Compfight cc