Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas For Your New Townhome


We all have a lot of things to store in the bathroom, but in order to not make it look cluttered and keep the elegant feel of your new townhome, you have to get smart about the way you plan out your storage space. Having an organized look is just as important as being efficient in the way you put away certain items. You don’t want to put the hair dryer you use every day, for example, tucked away in the back of a drawer. So, in order to make your bathroom look as chic as it is efficient and clean, consider some of the following smart storage ideas:

Hang Around

You can buy hooks for doors and for cabinets that work perfectly for towels, storage baskets and more! Use your imagination and find ways to get inspired.

Extra Shelves

Install them above the toilet or other strategic spots and they could serve as an organization tool as well as an added touch of decoration.

Baskets And Boxes

Perfect for categorizing items as well as putting things away neatly. Use them to add color, or tuck them away in a drawer.

Fancy Space Savers

There are endless options and gadgets out there you can buy to save space, so be smart about stacking things, using slide-out shelves, and

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