Generating More Leads By Being Creative On The Web


Realtors, home builders, and brokers sometimes get caught up in the pressure of having a presence on social media or setting up a good-looking website, but being a little more creative can lead to great results. Take the example of Joy Riley, a realtor from Providence, Rhode Island who decided it was not only important to showcase the homes she was selling, but also the community. She created simple, but well done videosthat showcased her close-knit community in a way that attracts buyers into the area even before they consider a home. 

As realtors, brokers or home builders you may forget that you are not only selling a home but also the community in which this person will want to live. Since the online world is so big on the idea of building a community, this is a great initiative to create content that enhances your brand and attracts potential customers. So, don’t limit yourself to the tools you have, but also the different approaches you can take to tell people the story behind your brand or that home. 

However, there are more tools than video out there. Start by creating specific targets and think about the best ways to reach them online. Become more than a gallery of photos or a simple directory, and give people another dimension in which to place your brand. A blog, for example, is essential to building a voice and creating calls to action. If you use Facebook, use paid campaigns to promote special offers or include a tab on your profile that prompts fans to book a touring appointment. Use Houzz to get your name out there and build beautiful, shareable galleries or try selling homes through Instagram. All of these efforts serve the purpose of creating more touch points from which your targets can turn into leads. 

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Photo Credit:Justin Shearer via Compfight cc