What Are The Differences (And Advantages) Of Living In A Townhome?


As you consider purchasing a new townhome, you may be wondering what could be different about living in this type of home as opposed to a single-family home. Although there are many similarities and the obvious characteristic of sharing walls with neighbors, there are several reasons why living in a townhome is a differentexperience all together:


The price of a townhouse is generally lower than a single-family home of the same size and location, and even though you will be paying HOA fees on top of your mortgage, these fees will pay for maintenance of your home (such as leaky roofs) and the community.


In a townhome community people can benefit from amenities such as pools, gyms and a clubhouse. Also, because you are part of a close-knit community, you are more likely to get to know your neighbors and any strangers lurking around will be quickly identified. 


You won’t have to worry about a neighbor painting their walls pink as HOA’s set rules that determine anything from the color of a home’s exterior to the type of pet they may have in their home. 


Aside from leaving the yard work to someone else, living in a new townhome community also means newer features and better quality. Living closer to urban areas is also an advantage, as you will be living in the hottest parts of town and within walking distance to anything you may need.

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