5 Benefits Of House Hunting Over The Holidays

benefits of house hounting holidays.jpg

When you think of house hunting you may not consider the holiday season as the friendliest time to shop around, but there are several benefits of shopping in the winter season that not everyone is aware of:

1. Less Competition

Summer time is usually the time when most families with children are shopping around for the perfect home since they prefer to move in before school starts. Shopping during the holiday season eliminates this competition and allows you to have an easier time securing your dream home.

2. Take Your Pick On Hidden Gems 

Since off-season is when fewer listings come on the market, this makes it easier to spot the hidden gems that offer a mix of property benefits.

3. Extra Motivated Sellers

Sellers have more motivation to sell during the holiday season since there are less offers going around and banks or asset managers will want to get more transactions closed before the year ends. 

4. More Accurate Inspections

Inspections during the holiday season will ensure that you are getting an accurate picture of your home when the weather is at its most extreme state. Inspectors will be able to see the performance of roofs, drainage systems, and slopes when it may be raining strong, snowing, or sleeting at extreme temperatures.

5. Holiday Deals

You can count on the holiday season for special deals, promotions, and discounts and once again less competition since most people are shopping for gifts and other goods.

CB JENI Lifestyle Homes wishes you a wonderful holiday season and if you want to take advantage of this excellent time to hunt for the right home, take a look at some of CB JENI’s new communities offering new townhomes in the Dallas area before the year ends!