What To Expect From Schools In Allen, TX

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Even though the CB JENI community of Pecan Park is located in McKinney, Texas, the youngest residents in the neighborhood will benefit from top-notch education provided by schools in Allen, TX. With a wealth of accolades and recognition throughout the nation, Allen Independent School District offers a program that will enrich your children’s lives beyond their school years.

A Large And Diverse Student Population

Covering most of the city of Allen, as well as parts of McKinney, Plano, and Parker, the district has over 20,000 students attending one of 17 elementary schools, three middle schools, one freshman center and one high school. Even with its incredible size and continued growth, Allen ISD has successfully maintained a healthy student-to-staff ratio and constantly shines in academics, sports, and the arts. The youngest residents of our Pecan Park community will attend Lindsey Elementary School followed by Curtis Middle School, the Lowery Freshman Center and finally the prestigious Allen High School.

Solid Athletics And Loyal School Spirit 

Athletics is by far one of the many programs that make this school district outshine others in the area. As seen by the recent construction of a nearly $60 million football stadium for Allen High School, athletics drive a distinguished sense of school spirit and dedication to the encouragement of rising professional athletes.

A Range Of Programs And Academic Support

Being part of a large school district gives parents the benefit of having a strong support of their children’s academic challenges as well as nurturing of their passions. With Allen High School alone having over 50 programs, clubs, and societies, students can participate in anything from scuba club to the Texas Association of Future Educators.

If you would like to learn more about the new CB JENI townhomes providing kids with access to one of the prestigious schools in Allen, TX take a look at the floor plans offered or give us a call at 972-369-0513.