Top 3 Reasons Why Families Are Saying Yes to Walkable Communities

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Walkable communities are becoming increasingly popular as more people desire the convenience of walking or biking to work, the store, and other places as opposed to driving. This is not a trend started by a certain age demographic, but rather singles, families, and retirees alike have gotten behind these types of areas. The following are the top 3 reasons why people are so attracted to walkable communities when considering where to purchase a brand new home.

Shorter commutes

There is a growing number of individuals, both younger and older, who are willing to give up larger single family lots for smaller homes closer in proximity to amenities, stores and businesses. Having the ability to walk to the store, gym, or work gives residents the option to spend their time doing other things they love instead of sitting in a car.

Better Health

The benefits of walkable communities go hand in hand. For example, because commutes are shorter, residents are more likely to walk to their desired destination. Therefore, because they are walking more, overall health improves. Cutting down on drive time also means emissions are lower, slowly improving the air quality in the area.



Another reason living in a walkable community is appealing to residents is the sense of community it creates. More people are outside walking, making it easier to meet neighbors and become familiar with who lives in the area. This instills a sense of safety in the community and people begin looking out for each other.


If you are thinking about purchasing a brand new home, consider a new urban community that encourages you to walk more and drive less. The benefits are endless and will enable your family to live a healthier lifestyle.