4 Health Benefits of Living Near Water

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The Canals at Grand Park is now pre-selling brand new homes in Frisco, Texas. This 152 acre sophisticated master planned community is designed around manicured parks and scenic waterways. This will enable residents to engage in physical activity right in their own backyards. The canals are a vision of sustainability allowing the green spaces throughout the community to be watered year round using well water. Studies have showed that those living near water and parks enjoy several health benefits. The following are four of the best reasons why living near water is something to consider when choosing a brand new home.


1. J. Nichols coined the term “blue mind”, referring to the meditative state our minds enter when in close proximity to water. Scientist used brain imaging to study the effects of being near water and found that good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytosin are raised. Also, levels of cortisol drop the closer a person is to water. If that’s not enough to get you running to water, keep reading.


2. It’s no secret that water can be therapeutic. Engaging in peaceful activities such as kayaking or fishing can curb stress associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is also true for those who are anxiety prone or are feeling stressed.


3. Visiting parks and green spaces can increase your white blood cell count according to a recent study. When men and women took a 2-hour walk in a park, their white blood cell count spiked. Some believe this is due to a chemical found in plants and trees called phytoncides.


4. Being in nature or near water has proven to increase immune function. People who spend their time outside not only have lower cortisol concentrations, but also a lower pulse and blood pressure. This helps alleviate symptoms associated with stress.


As you can see, living near water has several life-altering benefits. For more information on our waterfront community, head to our website