7 Christmas Decorations for Your CB JENI Home

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December is here and the holidays are coming up! Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for Christmas by adding a personal touch to your CB JENI home. Give these 7 creative Christmas decorations a try:

1. Embrace all the colors of the holiday season
December doesn’t mean all your holiday decorations have to be combinations of red, green or white. You can always embrace different color schemes that are still merry and bright, but also complement the townhome living style. Adding shades of silver, gold or blue to your decorations can make your CB JENI home feel ready for the holidays.

2. Add banners and natural elements
Display cheerful holiday messages around your home, such as over the fireplace mantel, and add your own special touch to the place. Also consider adding a splash of natural elements to your designs like pine cones and rustic features. It can truly complement the townhome living environment of your CB JENI home and truly make your holiday décor stand out from the rest.  

(Image taken from: lifehack.org)

3. Add a traditional look with glass jars
If you have mason jars, or even apothecary jars, laying somewhere around the house, then you have simple and affordable holiday decorations. You can place decorative candles inside or simply fill them up with candy canes and holiday treats.

4. Decorate the halls and the shutters
Of course you want the interior of your CB JENI home to look and feel like the holidays, but don’t forget you can make small additions to the outside too. Simply use garland to fill in the slits of your shutters or other architectural elements which can really add to the feel of townhome living. 

(Image taken from: erinsanderdesign.com)

5. Place presents around the house
Do you have a small area or corner of the room you just don’t know what to do with? Consider filling up that space with neatly wrapped presents made from leftover boxes and containers. It’s super easy and adds a lot of holiday cheer around the house. For a personal touch, consider using copies of family photos in place of nametags.

6. Get creative with wall art
Simple yet eye-catching wall art is always a sure bet to have people talking. For example, use strands of lights to create your own Christmas tree look. (You can even add small branches or garland to add a little something extra.) It will certainly add a modern twist to your CB JENI home. 

(Image taken from: turtlesandtails.blogspot.com)

7. Make simple window treatments
The tree is all decorated, but there are still a handful of ornaments left over. Perfect! Hanging them from your windows with strands of ribbon is a great way to add simple but creative décor for a fitting holiday design. 

We hope you have found something you can try out in your home from this list. There are lots of ideas you could roll with, so get creative and try something new! If you are looking for a quick move-in home, visit our website to see the available homes we have and experience townhome living.