5 Creative Ways To Welcome New Neighbors In Your Community


With the amount of new and coming soon CB JENI Homes’ communities, residents will no doubt be meeting a handful of new neighbors. Not only is welcoming the new neighbors a nice gesture, but it also helps create friendships that can be beneficial in many ways. Here are 5 helpful ways to welcome new neighbors to your community!

 1. To Start, Introduce Yourself

Give your new neighbors a day or two after moving in and go over to introduce yourself. It’s as simple as that! If you are nervous about what to say, don’t worry we have you covered. Consider asking if they have any children or pets, or talk about what brought them to your community. As soon as you find something in common, the conversation will easily flow.

 2. Bring A Housewarming Gift

These days, it has become a popular way to welcome new neighbors by bringing them a housewarming gift basket. Add in a variety of different items such as, a list of great local restaurants and fun things to do around the town, or freshly baked treats, or a nice bottle of wine you can all enjoy together sometime.

 3. Host A Dinner

This is where that nice bottle of wine will be useful! Invite your new neighbors over for dinner once they are all moved in and settled. It’ll be a good chance to really get to know them on a personal level and allow them to get to know you as well!

 4. Arrange A Playdate

What better way to break the ice than by arranging a playdate with the one thing you know you have in common, children! Set up sometime after school or on the weekend for your kids to get together. Take them to the local and enjoy a nice picnic together. This technique also can apply for pets too!

 5. Throw A Community Block Party

While hosting a dinner is a great way to welcome new neighbors on a more personal level, hosting a community block party allows them to meet everyone in the neighborhood. Have everyone bring their family and a dish to share. This will help make them really feel a part of the community. 

Moving to a new community and meeting new people can be hard. Make it a little easier with any one of these five ways to welcome new neighbors into your community! CB JENI Homes has many communities with friendly neighbors just waiting to welcome you to the neighborhood. For more information on our communities, visit our website today!