5 Smartphone Apps For Your Home In Carrollton


We live in a technological world and it is often hard for most to keep up. This is why CB JENI Lifestyle Homes keeps up with all the latest developments for you! Simply download these 5 apps and see how much easier life can be in your new home in Carrollton.

 1. SmartThings

SmartThings should be the first smartphone app you download when buying your new home in Carrollton. This app syncs all your devices and sensors into one convenient remote. You’ll be able to control every day objects in the palm of your hand. Whether it’s to turn on your TV or open your garage door, you’re able to easily control and monitor it all from your phone!

 2. Nest

As we all know, Texas weather is unpredictable and your home in Carrollton could really benefit from an app like Nest. Nest allows you to control the temperature of your home directly from your smartphone no matter where you may be. Realize that the temperature has suddenly spiked while you’re at work? Just use your smartphone to turn down the air. That way, when you get home you immediately can relax and enjoy the cool environment that Nest helped you create.

 3. ADT Pulse

Protect your home in Carrollton with ADT’s Pulse app. Homeowners can remotely arm and disarm their home alarm systems. There is also an option to receive text messages and emails on events while out of the house, such as a water leak. This app really comes in handy if you are gone all day or away on vacation.

 4. Philips Hue

Living in a beautiful home in Carrollton, one is bound to host a party or two. Philips Hue lets you adjust the tone, contrast and color of light in your home. This allows you to create any vibe you want! Having a set of various Hue bulbs will help set the mood especially for holidays like Halloween or Christmas.

 5. WeMo

Anything that can be plugged into the wall can be controlled with your smartphone if you have WeMo. Forget to turn the curling iron off this morning? This handy device can turn it off for you. Want a warm pot of coffee waiting for you when you wake up? Simply check your phone and set it to start brewing at 6 a.m. Access all your plugged in devices with just the touch of a button!


Download these five smartphone apps and see the difference they will make for you and your home. CB JENI Homes has two new communities with beautiful homes in Carrollton. For more information on our communities, visit our website today!