8 Habits to Save Energy in Your New Home


Are you constantly wondering why your energy bills are so high each month? There are many things that can contribute to your costly bill. Not to worry, CB JENI Lifestyle Homes is here to help you avoid high-energy bills with these 8 habits to start in your new home!

Appliances Around Your Home

  1. Something as simple as only washing your clothes or the dishes when you have a full load can go a long way. If you have more than one load to do, be sure to wash and dry all at once, so your dryer isn’t completely cooled down.

  2. Upgrade to an energy-efficient appliance when purchasing a new home, like your refrigerator, this will not only save you a lot of money in the long run but it’s good for the environment as well!
  3. When having a spacious kitchen in your new home, there probably is a lot of cooking going on. Which also means using a lot of energy. Try grilling outside more often especially with the summer coming up; it’ll be the perfect weather for a grill out! If you are cooking inside, remember to always turn off the kitchen fans as soon as you’re done.

Electronics In Your New Home

  1. Unplug all battery chargers, DVD players, TV’s and any other electronics you have in your new home when they’re not in use. What most people don’t think about is that even in stand-by mode these electronics absorb a ton of energy.
  2. Consider buying a laptop instead of a desktop computer for your new home. Laptops use less energy but if you do have a desktop computer remember to set your computer to sleep or hibernate mode. This way it will use less energy during times of inactivity.

Cooling and Heating

  1. During the winter it is important to get in the habit of making sure you reduce your heating.  Set the temperature to 68 degrees, each degree above that can add 3% to the amount of energy needed for heat.
  2. With summer coming up, it is essential to reduce the air conditioning in your new home. Save energy by setting the temperature to 78 degrees. By setting the thermostat higher during summer will use less energy.
  3. Get in the habit of keeping the heat inside. Little things like drawing the curtains across the windows can prevent heat from radiating out. Heavy lined curtains are the best for keeping as much heat as possible inside your new home.

Saving energy is extremely important to us here at CB JENI Homes. All our homes offer homeowners high quality, energy saving homes through the Energy Savvy Program. You can learn more about this forward-thinking program on the CB JENI Homes website.