5 Housing Trends For The Older Generation


While the older generation may either be retired or quickly nearing retirement, one thing’s for sure; they are not heading towards a retirement home anytime soon. This generation is more active than in previous years, and has been making a significant impact on recent housing trends.

1. First-Floor Bedrooms

You will start to notice how designing master suites on the first floor has become a popular housing trend for builders. It comes as no surprise that the older we get, the more our knees hurt, our backs ache and going up the stairs seems a little harder each day. These master bedrooms are also typically larger, allowing for more spacious walk-in closets and bathrooms. Hello giant bathtub!

2. Home Offices

Some professionals are choosing to work past the age of 65. Many are going through a transitional stage from a 9-to-5 job to a second career or part-time employment. Having space for an office at home allows the flexibility to stay active while still bringing in an extra income. 

3. Better Lighting/Bigger Windows

The older we get, the more we need additional, natural lighting. To accommodate this need, most builders are not only adding more windows, but larger windows to homes. This allows for more natural light.

4. Flex Space

Flex spaces are quickly becoming a common housing trend in both new homes and remodels. These rooms can easily be adjusted to the current homeowners needs. What once was a guest bedroom can now be redesigned into your very own man cave or library. 

5. Exterior Maintenance 

Many chores such as landscaping, yard-work and painting aren’t as enjoyable to an aging homeowner as they once were. Lawns are now often being replaced with living patios (which require very low maintenance) or flowerbeds for gardening, which tends to be a popular hobby amongst aging home buyers. 


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