Why More Families Want Urban Living in Frisco, TX


The American suburbs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Suburban living was once known as peaceful neighborhoods, tree-lined streets and soccer leagues - but not anymore. Now, it is just a painful commute. More and more families are starting to choose to live in urban areas, like CB JENI Lifestyle Homes’ new coming soon community, The Canals at Grand Park in Frisco, TX. This urban living community offers residents exactly what they are looking for more opportunities and choices.

Urban Living Offers More Choice

Families increasingly want to live in urban-style communities due to the wide-variety of choices offered. There is a great deal of diversity in urban areas, giving residents the ability to make more choices about any number of aspects in their day-to-day lives. Frisco was recently ranked No. 1 Best Places for Young Families in Texas, which is why more urban-style communities, like The Canals at Grand Park, are quickly becoming a popular commodity. With the different types of food options, the large list of social events and the many mixed-use developments, urban living creates the opportunity to have more options.

Frisco has experienced a 307% population increase since 2000. With cities rapidly growing, more employment opportunities are being created. Urban living allows residents to be in close proximity to these job opportunities and with less of a commute. The urban-style community, The Canals at Grand Park in Frisco, is also close to many large mixed-use developments. This includes The Star in Frisco, Frisco Station, The Gate, and Wade Park, also known as The $5 Billion Mile. The $5B Mile will be the highest development of any mile stretch of roadway in Texas.

These days, many families have the desire for urban living, like CB JENI Homes’ new community, The Canals at Grand Park in Frisco, TX. This urban community allows residents to have more choices from their job to the places they eat to the events they want to attend. Choose the urban lifestyle today and visit our website for more information on The Canals at Grand Park.