6 Valuable Unpacking Tips For A Successful Move To DFW


You’ll soon realize that finding your dream home in DFW was easy. It’s the part that comes after that can be stressful. Unpacking. You have finally lugged all your boxes into your new empty home and now you have no idea where to begin. Here are a few helpful unpacking tips to make your move to DFW a successful one.


First things first, we recommend starting with your sleeping arrangements. Making sure all the beds are set up with fresh new sheets. There is nothing like collapsing into a freshly made bed after a long day of unpacking.

The Necessities

Start unpacking all the necessities once your beds are done. The kitchen is a good place to begin because you have to eat, right? Most likely the kitchenware will take up the majority of the boxes you have. So once it’s all unpacked and the boxes are cleared away, you will feel like your home is really coming together.

The Bathroom

Make your way to the bathrooms next. Hang up those shower curtains you were dying to buy, organize the medicine cabinet and hang your soft towels.


Be prepared for unpacking your clothes to take some time. You very well may have more clothing items than anything else. Once all your clothes are put away, you will no doubt start to feel all settled into your new home.

All Other Boxes

Now that you have unpacked the majority of your main items, you only have a few more boxes to go so it’s best to open each box you have left. Yes, you could push those last boxes into the back of your closet and call it a day but you know they’ll probably never be seen again. It’s best to just go through them all while you’re in the unpacking groove.

Setting Up The TV

One of the best unpacking tips you will ever hear is this: no matter what, wait to set up your TV. The TV will only be a distraction from unpacking. It’s better to just avoid it until the rest of your home is set up.

We hope these unpacking tips will help you be successful while moving to the DFW area. If you are still in the process of looking for a new home, CB JENI Lifestyle Homes has several communities in DFW. Find the home of your dreams by visiting our website today!