4 Home Design Trends to Try In Your New Carrollton Home









One of the best parts about being a homeowner is being able to decorate it however and whenever you want. But with so many possibilities it can be hard to decide what to do, let alone when to do it. Here at CB JENI Homes, we believe that fall is as good a time as any. Whether you’re looking at moving into one of our new Carrollton homes in Raiford Crossing, or one of our many other great housing communities, here are some great home design trends for fall. 

1. Minimalistic Home Design

Sometimes, less is more. Most people think of minimalistic home design as using brighter colors rather than darker, but for the fall it’s better to use darker, deeper tones. Instead of filling the room with bright ‘warm’ colors such as reds, yellows and oranges, try using dark greens, rich browns and deep reds. These dark colors won’t just make the room feel warm, they will actually make it warmer. They’ll help retain the heat and give your rooms that warm and cozy feeling without making the room feel cluttered or busy.

2.  Wood Accents

       If you don’t want to make a big change to a room, something simple can make a big difference. Wood accents are great because not only are they a big home design trend, but they can also help to add a deep, rustic feeling to your new Carrollton home. It could be as small as a wooden bedframe, or as large as an entire wall. Whatever you decide to do, your home will look more natural and inviting.

3.  Cowhide Décor

       Just as the wood accents would help to add more depth and give a rustic feel to your walls, so will the cowhide to your floors. You can place them in your living room, bathroom or even in a room with a small color pallet. Wherever you put it, it’s sure to add a spark to your room. If you’re a vegan, vegetarian or just an all around animal lover, don’t worry! There are plenty of high quality faux cowhide décor that you can find.

4.  Mixed Metals

       While you may think that your metals should match, this could actually be taking away from the aesthetic of your room. Matching the metals can make the room feel staged and therefore it loses its natural essence. However, if you mix your metals it gives your room more contrast and helps to sustain the natural beauty of the homes at Raiford Crossing.