CB JENI Townhomes Coming Soon to North Richard Hills

One of the newest up and coming hotspots, Home Town is one of CB JENI Homes' luxury townhome communities in North Richland Hills. Each property features new home designs with expansive floor plans and sleek interior layouts nestled in a beautiful neighborhood. Townhome living itself offers residents the perfect combination of convenience, safety and comfort that make it an attractive option for prospective buyers. 

Care-Free Maintenance & Landscaping

Are you the kind of person that dreads those Saturday afternoons reserved for trimming the lawn and making those repairs around the property? Townhomes don’t come with that kind of headache. For Home Town residents, the front area is well maintained by the local homeowner association and all-in-all requires very minimal upkeep on your part. 

Safety in Numbers

Buying a townhome is about living in a common-interest community, so there’s generally a sense of protectiveness between residents. Home Town by CB JENI Homes is no different. Our community is always well-lit and any kind of suspicious activity doesn’t go unnoticed. And with neighbors on both sides of you, it’s not so easy for a would-be burglar to slip by.   

Affordable Living with Added Privacy

There are exceptions, but townhomes are generally more affordable than detached single-family homes when you compare size and location. And although the units are attached, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your privacy. The new home designs for each Home Town property provides private entryways for every resident—keeping neighbors close but separate. And since you don’t have to worry about anyone living above or below you, the noise reduction is a welcomed benefit too.

Community Amenities

In addition to a balance of affordability and privacy, there’s also a variety of community amenities for residents to enjoy. Home Town is in the heart of North Richland Hills – rated as one of the Top 50 Safest Cities in Texas – and features a new $20 million on-site recreation center and nearby amenities such as public parks, a family water park, Six Flags Over Texas and a wide variety of shops and restaurants – all a short drive away.

Home Town in North Richland Hills is an ideal location and a great alternative for homebuyers looking for something different than single-family homes. Visit us here for more information and to view our featured floorplans.