How to Host an Olympic Themed Watch Party

The Olympic Games is an amazing spectacle of human athleticism and determination. It’s definitely something worth celebrating and getting together to watch with your friends and family. The townhomes that CB JENI Homes builds are perfect for an Olympic themed watch party! Here are a few recipes and home design ideas to help your guests feel like they’re actually in Rio.

Olympic Rings Candy Jars


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This is a simple DIY project that is a great way to display the Olympic rings for your guests to see right when they walk in! Plus, they can indulge their sweet tooth. Find candy of the same color to keep the right color scheme. Here are the instructions

Popcorn Torches


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Even easier than the last idea, all you need for popcorn torches are ice cream cones and popcorn. Use the ice cream cones to hold the popcorn that will look like the flame of the torch.

Beer from Around the World

Finding beer from around the world is a unique and simple way to experience something from another country. You can easily find beer from around the world at large liquor stores such as Spec’s and Total Wine.

A Taste of Different Cultures

Make the party a potluck and give each guest a country to make a dish from! Make sure there is an equal spread of appetizers and main dishes. Tell your guests to also bring the recipes they used so they can share it with the other guests.

Olympic Rings Fruit Cake


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Finally, for dessert, make this delicious Olympic rings fruit cake. This is the perfect way to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and end a great watch party! 

CB JENI Homes builds beautiful townhomes that are perfect for large gatherings like an Olympics watch party. To learn more about the townhomes available in our North Texas communities, visit the CB JENI Homes website today.