3 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Your Townhome

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is almost here. Restaurants are starting to fill up with reservations and love is in the air. This year, you should try something different than going out to dinner and try enjoying that special day in your CB JENI Home. If you’re having a hard time thinking about what to do, here are 4 ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day in your CB JENI townhome. 

1. Home Spa Date

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can sneak up on us, and we forget to make plans. CB JENI homes are designed for the ultimate combination of comfort and luxury. Turn your CB JENI Home into a spa for the night and enjoy all the relaxing luxuries without ever leaving your home.

2. DIY Backyard Dinner Date

There’s no need for a 5-star restaurant when you can dine beneath countless stars in your backyard. The CB JENI townhomes in Berkshire Place offer the perfect amount of yard space to have a truly intimate and personal dinner with the one you love. 

3. Dinner Around the World Progressive Dinner Date

Valentine’s Day isn’t meant to be spent alone, and while it’s traditionally a day for a couple, try it with a group of couples. Get a few of your closest couple friends together and enjoy the night with them all. With our modern house plans, you’re sure to have plenty of space in your townhome to host a delicious dinner with good company. 

Valentine’s Day is about making special memories and spending time with the one you love. The townhomes of CB JENI Homes are the perfect place to make every night you spend at home like a luxurious one. Visit our website and take a look at the townhomes available in our beautiful communities.