Landscaping for Townhomes

CB JENI Homes builds luxury townhomes so that residents enjoy energy-efficient and low maintenance living. The modern home floor plans are designed to accommodate today’s busy lifestyle while making everyone that steps in the house feel right at home. One of the biggest things that can make a house feel like a home is the yard. Your yard, no matter what size, is an important part of your home. Here are some great and simple tips on landscaping your townhome: 

Portable Planters and Pots
For convenient and low maintenance living, using portable planters and pots is the way to go. You can frequently change them out with the seasons, and you can also move them inside when it gets too cold. Portable pots and plants are easy to maintain making it the perfect match to the convenient lifestyle a townhome provides. If you don’t know what plants you should use for your townhome landscape, here is a list of plants that will survive in cold weather.

Stones or Pebblescapes
One great way to give any yard a little extra curb appeal is to add a stone garden. If you have spots of dirt where grass won’t grow, add a few polished river rocks to cover them up. Or, if you have a small garden in your yard, create a border around it using medium sized pebbles or stones. This is a beautiful way to add a finishing touch to your garden that doesn’t take much effort or time.

Water Features
Finally, a great addition to any yard is a water feature. Whether it’s a bird bath or a small water fountain, adding a portable water feature is an easy way to make your yard feel more inviting. Not only is a portable water feature easy to maintain, but it also adds a calming ambient sound and serene environment to your townhome landscape. Take a look at these beautiful portable water features that would be perfect for any townhome yard. 

These are just a few simple ideas for landscaping a townhome that require little maintenance and time. If you’re interested in low maintenance and convenient living, visit our website and contact us today to find your perfect CB JENI home.