Home Design Ideas to Simplify Your Life

One of the hardest parts of owning a home is keeping everything organized and decluttered. But with these home design ideas and the simple house plans from CB JENI Homes, it will be easy for you to organize your home and simplify your life!

Window Screen Earrings Organizer


(Image via restoredstyle.com)

Earrings frequently get lost or tangled up with other jewelry when left in a drawer. Instead, put a piece of an old window screen inside a vintage frame and then use it to hold your earrings. Not only will all your earrings be neatly organized, but it will also add a design element of country chic.

Lazy Susan in the Pantry


(Image via houselogic.com)

It’s fairly easy for a kitchen pantry to get cluttered and disorganized. However, adding a Lazy Susan to the corners of the pantry not only ensures that everything is organized, but that everything will also be easier to find.

Wire Organizers for Bakeware


(Image via countryliving.com)

Along with the pantry, the area where pots and pans are stored is usually a disorganized mess. By using wire kitchen cabinet organizers, pots and pans can be easily organized for a more functional kitchen.

Filing Cabinets as Desk Legs


(Image via mcaleers.com)

A home office is a place for sheer organization and productivity. However, it’s hard to be productive if the office isn’t organized. If the home office is small, there may not be a lot of room for storing important documents. This can be remedied by using filing cabinets as the legs of the desk.

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