How to Cook a Great Thanksgiving for Two

While Thanksgiving is traditionally done with a big group of people and our open floor plans can easily accommodate a decent sized gathering, there’s no reason you can’t have a quaint Thanksgiving for two! The modern townhomes from CB JENI Homes are perfect for such an event. Now, if you’re unsure on what or how to cook a whole Thanksgiving meal for just two people, here is some advice. 

You Don’t Have to Cook a Full Turkey

A whole turkey is a lot of meat, and even the smallest turkey you may find will still be 10 – 12 pounds. Instead, opt for just cooking turkey breasts or legs. If you still want a whole bird and aren’t set on having turkey, you can always try something smaller like Cornish hens, pheasant or even duck.

Cut Down on the Number of Sides

Even though the sides are arguably the best part of a Thanksgiving meal, if there are only two of you, then you don’t need a plethora of sides. Instead, try picking just a couple of your favorites, but make sure you have something that fits every category of delicious food. Having fewer sides also makes leftovers more manageable.

Do a Thanksgiving Breakfast or Brunch

If a Thanksgiving dinner is too hard, you can always try having a scrumptious Thanksgiving breakfast or brunch. For a tasty Thanksgiving breakfast, you can make this Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage & Eggs. Doing a breakfast or brunch rather than a dinner is also great if you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen.

Make a Plan for Leftovers

Everyone knows the best part about the couple of days after Thanksgiving is that you have all those glorious leftovers! Even when doing a Thanksgiving for two, you will still more than likely have leftovers. No matter what you end up cooking for your Thanksgiving, there are plenty of recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers

If you’re a family of two and are looking for a space that’s just right for the two of you, take a look at the modern townhomes from CB JENI Homes in the DFW area. Our open floor plans make townhome living spacious and easy! Contact us today for more information.


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