How Social Media is Changing Home Design

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It comes as no surprise that social media has shaped our society. Now, homeowners have access to thousands of great home design ideas and can even share their own ideas and experiences with other homeowners. Here’s CB JENI Homes’ guide to some of the top social media outlets that are changing the way people decorate their new townhomes.


Not only are there Facebook pages from well-known publications that offer home design ideas like Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV, but there are also hundreds of smaller pages that can cater to more specific tastes. Facebook also allows users to create groups where they can go to share their ideas and get advice from others.


Fit for a DIY king or queen, Pinterest is the ideal platform for sharing and finding a variety of ideas. If you’re thinking about a specific home design, chances are, someone else has thought of it and may have even shared their experience. Pinterest users can even make ‘boards’ of their favorite ideas to save for later. This vast ability to share has meant that homeowners are being exposed to a wide variety of home design ideas and styles that they may not have even known about.


For the homeowners that want to be truly exposed to the widest variety of design styles, Houzz is the way to go. While it isn’t as much of a true social media platform, Houzz enables users to get advice from actual professionals. Not only can you shop for specific items, but homeowners can even create polls and ask questions from other users to get opinions on which home design ideas they should choose.

Social media is truly a great tool to use when you’re trying to decide how to decorate your home. If you’re looking to start with a blank slate, our new townhomes utilize open floor plans to give you the freedom to design the interior of your home to be just like you like it. To learn more about our new townhomes in North Texas, contact CB JENI Homes today.


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