Spring Party DIY Home Tips

Spring is in full bloom in McKinney, TX! Since CB JENI Homes’ open-concept townhomes in McKinney are perfect for entertaining, you may feel inspired to throw a party to celebrate the changing seasons. Here are a few do-it-yourself home design ideas that would be perfect for a spring party.

 Moss Coasters


(Image via sincerelykinsey.com)


Import some vivid green into your home with these nature-inspired moss coasters. They’ll keep your tables dry and give your home a unique touch.


Edible Flower Pops


(Image via mariameridith.com)

These are perfect for your kids or when you have some friends over for a spring party. Bring these edible flower popsicles out to enjoy the warmer weather with a cool and flowery treat.


Cupcake Candy Toppers


(Image via cakejournal.com)

 Cupcakes are delicious sweet treats anyone can enjoy. With these candy cupcake toppers, they’ll be even more irresistible.


Balloon Garlands


(Image via tikkido.com)

Every spring party needs balloons and now with this quirky trend, every balloon needs a garland! When it comes to spring, it really is the details that count.


Egg Carton Floral Wreath


(Image via homemadeserenity.blogspot.com)

This spring wreath is the perfect way to show your love for nature and add a burst of fresh color to your front door. Even the kids will love getting crafty with these egg carton floral wreaths. So help the earth, collect some cartons, enlist your kids and get to crafting!


Our townhomes in McKinney provide the perfect space for you to get comfortable no matter the season. Your home is an extension of you so we encourage you to get creative with décor and try some fun home design ideas. Contact CB JENI Homes today to find your dream