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Local Area Spotlight: Lake Lewisville

When purchasing a home, considering nearby attractions and entertainment is important to ensure your new community suits you and your family’s lifestyle. As you may know, CB JENI Homes is building in two beautiful Dallas Carrollton neighborhoods, Mustang Park and Raiford Crossing. Carrollton is an ideal location due to its proximity to dining, shopping, and entertainment. For example, just a few miles down the road you’ll find Lake Lewisville. This popular lake attracts thousands of people each year for boating, water sports, camping, and more! Parks The lake offers 14 distinct and unique parks for you to enjoy. Most parks have picnic tables, a beach and swim area, volleyball courts, boat ramps, and campsites. Take a look at this list of all the parks and what each one offers.

CB JENI Homes Now Located in TWO Carrollton Communities

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CB JENI Homes is now located in two beautiful Carrollton communities, Mustang Park and Raiford Crossing. Home prices for both communities range from the mid $200’s to the mid $300’s. Living in Carrollton gives you access to endless entertainment, dining, and shopping options. Being in the heart of Dallas, you’ll have easy access to Plano, downtown Dallas, major highways, and both major airports in the area. Let’s take a deeper look at these communities. Mustang Park This community is located in a highly desirable area of Carrollton. It will offer several lifestyle amenities including a pool. Some nearby attractions include The Shops at Willowbend, The Shops at Legacy, Top Golf, iFly, and Stonebriar Centre mall. Children will attend Lewisville ISD school, including Indian Creek Elementary, Arbor Creek Middle School, Hebron 9th Grade Center School, and Hebron High School.

Local Area Spotlight: Austin Ranch in The Colony

Austin Ranch offer’s some of the best shopping in Dallas and is located just minutes from Mustang Park, a CB JENI Homes community. It offers plenty of dining, retail, and entertainment options in a tranquil environment. Here’s a look at some of our favorite places to eat, drink, and play in the development. Uptown Yoga Come relax and get away from the chaos at Uptown Yoga. This is one of Dallas’ most popular studios and offers beginners to advanced classes. Click here for a full schedule. Austin Square Located in the heart of Austin Ranch, Austin Square retail has plenty of stores for visitors to shop from. Come stop by and enjoy an evening of shopping with friends and family. There are also tons of restaurants to grab a bite to eat at afterwards!

4 New Home Design Trends To Try In Your Carrollton Home

The 2015 Architectural Digest Home Design Show recently took place in New York this year showcasing the latest interior design trends. As one of the top leading homebuilders in North Texas, CB JENI Homes is constantly keeping up with all the greatest new home design trends. This summer is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try out a few of these interior design trends in your new Carrollton home. 1. Colorful Appliances Colorful appliances have quickly become a popular trend in 2015. Whether it is for stoves, fridges, toasters or ovens, adding a bit of color to your home will brighten up any room! Ranging from pastels to mattes, homeowners are jumping at the opportunity to throw in some color into their home.

Experience Premier Shopping In Dallas at Nebraska Furniture Mart

Texas has recently welcomed the biggest furniture store, Nebraska Furniture Mart, to our Lone Star State. The 565,000 square foot store not only has the largest selection of home furnishings, flooring, appliances and electronics but also offers their customers the best deals in the United States. If you haven’t already been to the unbelievable furniture store, take a look at a sneak peek of their showroom below!

Raiford Crossing Community Spotlight: Topgolf In The Colony

CB JENI Lifestyle Homes has brand new homes in the Raiford Crossing community in Carrollton, TX. While Carrollton has been ranked and recognized various times including 3rd best place to live in America and the top 10 cities for young families, residents are also driven towards this city for the variety of attractions. This includes Topgolf in The Colony, which is only a short drive away! The combination of golf and a local hangout environment has made Topgolf a popular activity for friends and families of all ages to enjoy. What Is Topgolf? At Topgolf, the motto is, “skills optional, fun required”! Whether you are a professional golfer or a 7-year-old child beginner, Topgolf is for everyone. The game itself is played on a 240-yard outfield with dartboard-like targets placed strategically in the ground. The object of the game is to hit the ball as close to the center or bull’s eye as possible. The farther out you hit it, the more points you get.

5 Smartphone Apps For Your Home In Carrollton

We live in a technological world and it is often hard for most to keep up. This is why CB JENI Lifestyle Homes keeps up with all the latest developments for you! Simply download these 5 apps and see how much easier life can be in your new home in Carrollton. 1. SmartThings SmartThings should be the first smartphone app you download when buying your new home in Carrollton. This app syncs all your devices and sensors into one convenient remote. You’ll be able to control every day objects in the palm of your hand. Whether it’s to turn on your TV or open your garage door, you’re able to easily control and monitor it all from your phone!

5 Creative Ways To Welcome New Neighbors In Your Community

With the amount of new and coming soon CB JENI Homes’ communities, residents will no doubt be meeting a handful of new neighbors. Not only is welcoming the new neighbors a nice gesture, but it also helps create friendships that can be beneficial in many ways. Here are 5 helpful ways to welcome new neighbors to your community! 1. To Start, Introduce Yourself Give your new neighbors a day or two after moving in and go over to introduce yourself. It’s as simple as that! If you are nervous about what to say, don’t worry we have you covered. Consider asking if they have any children or pets, or talk about what brought them to your community. As soon as you find something in common, the conversation will easily flow.

6 Valuable Unpacking Tips For A Successful Move To DFW

You’ll soon realize that finding your dream home in DFW was easy. It’s the part that comes after that can be stressful. Unpacking. You have finally lugged all your boxes into your new empty home and now you have no idea where to begin. Here are a few helpful unpacking tips to make your move to DFW a successful one. Bedding First things first, we recommend starting with your sleeping arrangements. Making sure all the beds are set up with fresh new sheets. There is nothing like collapsing into a freshly made bed after a long day of unpacking.

3 Benefits of Buying A Newly Built Home

There are countless benefits for buying a newly built home, especially in one of the most sought-after locations: the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As a premier luxury home builder in DFW, CB JENI Lifestyle Homes’ goal is to build the home of any new homebuyer’s dreams. To help you better understand the benefits you will receive as a new homebuyer, here is a list of the top three advantages of buying a newly built home. 1. Customization Many home builders, CB JENI Homes included, are allowing buyers the flexibility to create a living space tailored to match their lifestyle. Having professional interior designers guiding you every step of the way ensures that your new home will truly feel like your own. Builders are quickly catching on to this new trend and new homebuyers appreciate the ability to really put their personal signature on their new home.

Why More Families Want Urban Living in Frisco, TX

The American suburbs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Suburban living was once known as peaceful neighborhoods, tree-lined streets and soccer leagues - but not anymore. Now, it is just a painful commute. More and more families are starting to choose to live in urban areas, like CB JENI Lifestyle Homes’ new coming soon community, The Canals at Grand Park in Frisco, TX. This urban living community offers residents exactly what they are looking for more opportunities and choices.

5 Family-Friendly Activites In McKinney TX

It comes as no surprise that McKinney has earned the title of No. 1 Best Place To Live in America. There’s an endless list of activities in McKinney, Texas, especially in the spring. CB JENI Lifestyle Homes has several communities in and near McKinney, allowing for our residents to enjoy all that the city has to offer. 1. Disc Golfing There are two main 18-hole disc golf courses in McKinney. Alex Clark Memorial Disc Golf Course is perfect for any Frisbee golfer, whether you are a beginner or an expert. This would be a great course for your young kiddos. However, if you are looking for a more challenging course, the Town Lake Disc Golf Course would be best for you. Many even considered it to be one of the best courses in North Texas!

5 Housing Trends For The Older Generation

While the older generation may either be retired or quickly nearing retirement, one thing’s for sure; they are not heading towards a retirement home anytime soon. This generation is more active than in previous years, and has been making a significant impact on recent housing trends. 1. First-Floor Bedrooms You will start to notice how designing master suites on the first floor has become a popular housing trend for builders. It comes as no surprise that the older we get, the more our knees hurt, our backs ache and going up the stairs seems a little harder each day. These master bedrooms are also typically larger, allowing for more spacious walk-in closets and bathrooms. Hello giant bathtub!

Newest Townhome Community in McKinney: Stacy Crossing

Are you thinking about moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Stacy Crossing, a new community coming soon to McKinney is a worthy choice. Newest Community In McKinney With McKinney being one of the fastest growing cities in America. CB JENI Homes could not be more thrilled to announce our newest community. Coming Soon: Stacy Crossing! While the community is currently under land development, we plan to start building and anticipate having models open for potential homebuyers to tour by this summer! The community will offer two-story luxury townhomes in one of the finest areas in the DFW Metroplex. The Stacy Crossing community in McKinney will be in close proximity to a wide range of high-quality shopping, entertainment and dining!

Why Frisco ISD Ranks Among The Best Schools In Texas

When families move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, parents tend to be on top of their game with researching school districts and Frisco ISD is at the top of that list! CB JENI Lifestyle Homes is thrilled to have a new, coming soon, community in Frisco for our younger residents to receive the quality education they deserve. Small School Philosophy of Frisco ISD Although Frisco ISD is known as one of the fastest growing districts in Texas and the United States, they pride themselves on maintaining a small school philosophy. When the community expressed their desire towards having smaller schools, Frisco ISD listened and met their needs by providing neighborhood elementary schools and moderately sized middle schools and high schools. Even with the fast growth, their small school philosophy allows for a better learning environment, better teacher and student relationships, and more opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities in athletics, fine arts and more! Not to mention, Frisco ISD was named Best Communities for Music Education in 2013.

Coming Soon: The Canals At Grand Park In Frisco, TX

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The Canals at Grand Park is CB JENI Lifestyle Homes newest up and coming community in Frisco, Texas! Offering a wide range of unique amenities, residents will love living in this stunning, well-rounded community. The Canals At Grand Park Community The Canals at Grand Park is 152 acres filled with beautiful parks and a unique vision of sustainability, allowing for neighborhoods to be well watered year round! This sophisticated urban style master-planned community will be located in the heart of Frisco, TX with plenty of mixed-use opportunities. The Canals at Grand Park will offer residents innovative townhome designs, retirement living, and single family & estate homes! Nestled alongside parks and scenic waterways, the new community will be the perfect place for residents to enjoy long walks, bike rides and socializing with family and friends.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Soon Opening Near CB JENI Communities

CB JENI Lifestyle Homes has several communities near the brand new Nebraska Furniture Mart - opening soon in The Colony, TX. This 560,000-square-foot store will be known as the largest furniture store in the country and promises to provide the Dallas-Fort Worth consumer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Nebraska Furniture Mart Opening Day While an official opening day has not been set, Nebraska Furniture Mart has been hosting private events to test out the new store. Grand openings can be chaotic, especially in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. DFW is the fourth largest U.S market in the country. The store has tested a few “soft opening” to ensure they are ready to offer an exceptional experience before the grand opening. With 100,000 items available, from appliances to furniture to other major departments, customers could not be more excited for the Nebraska Furniture Mart to open this spring!

4 Useful Tips To Make Relocating Less Stressful

So you are thinking about relocating? For most, relocating can be a stressful event for you and your family, but it doesn’t have to be. CB JENI Lifestyle Homes wants to ensure your relocating experience is a successful one by providing you with a few useful tips to make your move less stressful. 1. Family Discussion Having a discussion with your family about relocating can help reduce the stress that comes with moving your family. Discussing the reasons behind relocating and the process your family is about to go through is extremely important. This can help eliminate any fears your family might be having and also give you the chance to explain why relocating to a new city can be an exciting new adventure.

8 Habits to Save Energy in Your New Home

Are you constantly wondering why your energy bills are so high each month? There are many things that can contribute to your costly bill. Not to worry, CB JENI Lifestyle Homes is here to help you avoid high-energy bills with these 8 habits to start in your new home! Appliances Around Your Home 1.Something as simple as only washing your clothes or the dishes when you have a full load can go a long way. If you have more than one load to do, be sure to wash and dry all at once, so your dryer isn’t completely cooled down. 2.Upgrade to an energy-efficient appliance when purchasing a new home, like your refrigerator, this will not only save you a lot of money in the long run but it’s good for the environment as well! 3.When having a spacious kitchen in your new home, there probably is a lot of cooking going on. Which also means using a lot of energy. Try grilling outside more often especially with the summer coming up; it’ll be the perfect weather for a grill out! If you are cooking inside, remember to always turn off the kitchen fans as soon as you’re done.

5 Ways To Bring Green Living Into Your Home

Living green has quickly become a way of life over the past several years and there are now plenty of ways to bring green living into your home. CB JENI Lifestyle Homes’ understands the importance of green living and would like to share a few tips to help get you started! 1. Start With Your Air Quality Improving your indoor air quality is not only beneficial for the environment but for your health and well-being. Paint is a common culprit of indoor air pollution. Next time you’re thinking about re-painting your home, remember to always stay away from VOCs (volatile organic compound) in your paint products. You know that new paint smell? That’s the VOCs you smell! Many nasty chemicals are hidden in VOCs and off-gas particles into the air, which can cause skin irritation.