The CB JENI Home Building Process From Start to Finish

Buying a new home is an exciting and eye-opening endeavor that only a small percentage of homeowners get to experience. From start to finish, the construction of CB JENI townhomes is handled by a team of professionals that understand the nuances of building in North Dallas.  

Constructing a townhome is very similar to the process of building a detached house. Here’s what buyers can expect when they purchase one of our new townhomes in North Dallas, TX.

Job Start

The beginning of a townhome build is all about getting things prepared for what’s to come. That requires verifying the build site and getting the foundation set.

Verify Property Lines

Even though you share a wall with your neighbor, Dallas townhomes for sale today still have established property lines. The property lines have to be verified before construction begins. This is done in the initial stages of creating a development before a buyer signs a purchase contract.

Set Foundation Forms

Using the build plans, contractors will take the first step in building the foundation by setting the forms. The forms are the basis of a concrete foundation and are used to create the walls of the foundation around the perimeter.

Trench for Plumbing

Before the concrete slab is set we need to do the plumbing. A plumber will trench in the ground for the plumbing so that pipes can be installed below the foundation.

Place Rough Plumbing

The plumbing rough-in happens after the trenches are dug. The rough in includes drain pipes, connections and water supply components.


Now that the initial work is done, contractors move forward with finishing up the foundation.

All Underground Plumbing is Inspected

All townhomes for sale in Dallas, TX have to have plumbing inspected before the project can move forward and the foundation can be poured.

Trenches Are Sanded

The foundation trenches are sanded so that they hold their shape.

Foundation System and Post Tension Cables Are Placed

At CB JENI, our home building process includes post tension cable foundations. With this type of foundation, steel cables are placed and then tensioned to reinforce the concrete, improve load-bearing and prevent cracking.

Slab is Poured

Our townhomes for sale in North Dallas are built on slab foundations made of concrete. This requires special equipment and a lot of manpower to get the foundation form filled, leveled and smoothed. Getting the slab poured is a major milestone in the building process.


One of the most exciting parts of buying new townhomes for sale in Dallas TX area is seeing the framing put into place. This is when the structure of the building starts to take shape and you can see the beginnings of your home.

House is Framed

A team of contractors will construct the interior and exterior walls of the house. The floors and roof are also framed out.

House is Sheathed

After the framing is complete the home is then sheathed. During this process boards or panels are affixed to the framing to close in the walls, roof and floors. This provides a surface for exterior and interior finishing materials.

Mechanical Rough Completion

The mechanical rough completion comes next. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems are installed while the inside of the walls are still open. All North Dallas and downtown Dallas townhomes for sale today have complete HVAC systems that keep things comfortable inside no matter what the weather is like outside.

Roofing Completion

The builder will get the roof completed soon after the sheathing, which protects the structure from the elements.

Insulation Installation

Insulation is an absolute must in our green communities. We install high-efficiency insulation in the attic space once the roof is complete.

Frame Inspection Completion

Another inspection that is completed before moving forward is the frame inspection. The inspector verifies that everything is built to code and matches the approved plans.

Drywall Completion

Now that the framing has been inspected, the builder will move on to finishing the interior walls.

Install All Drywall

The framing inside on the walls and ceiling is covered by drywall. The drywall panels are affixed to the framing, then drywall tape and joint mud are used on the seams between the panels. The process takes at least 2-3 days to complete.

Complete All Texture Coats

Texture is added to the drywall to create an attractive finished look.

Complete All Exterior Finishes

Now that the inside of your new townhome is well underway, it’s time to turn the attention to the outside. The exterior siding, trim and paint are the next things to be completed.

Interior Trim and Finishes Complete

As the build progresses big tasks give way to finishing touches. At this stage, the townhome begins to look and feel more like the model home.

All Cabinets Are Installed

Cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms are the first finishes to be put in place.

All Countertops Are Installed

Once the cabinets are in, the builder can get the countertops installed.

All Paint is Complete

It’s amazing how a few layers of paint can transform a room. Painters will come in and get the walls and trim finished.

Mechanical Trim Complete

All plumbing, electrical and HVAC system finishes are completed.


Curb appeal is a big deal. Contractors will make sure that the landscaping and outdoor living spaces look amazing.

Exterior Grading Complete

The lot will be completely graded so that there’s optimal drainage.

Exterior Walks and Patios Placed

The outdoor spaces are finished out to improve the functionality and livability of the exterior.

Landscape Completed

Lawns, trees, shrubs and more are added to give the yard a beautiful, lush finish.

Flooring Complete

Since contractors are working away inside, the flooring is the last interior element to be completed.

Interior Wood Floor and Tile Installation

First wood and tile floors are finished. Depending on the material used, it can take anywhere from a few days to a week or more to finish the hard surface flooring.

Carpet Floor Finishing

Finally, the carpet is installed in the bedrooms and living areas.  

Quality Inspection and Clean Up

The last step in the home building process for our new townhomes in North Dallas is to get everything cleaned and to inspect the quality.

Quality Control Inspections

We’ll make sure that everything is finished correctly, functions perfectly and looks great.

The Final Clean of the Interior and Exterior Are Complete

Cleaners come in and get the townhome move-in ready for the new owners.

Complete the Customer Walk Through

The homebuyer will then be given the opportunity to do a walk through to inspect the property. Now is when the buyer can note any issues and make sure everything was built correctly.

The Final Townhome Orientation and Delivery is Complete

Once everyone has signed off on the finished townhome we’ll have a home orientation to show the new owner where everything is at and how all the systems work. Once the orientation is complete the owner gets the keys!

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